Carnival of Personal Finance #167

I recently participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance #167 that was graciously hosted by Broke Grad Student. This was my first carnival and I’m hoping to see some sort of traffic spike and maybe a new subscription or two, but I also realize I’ve been blogging for less than one month, so my expectations are tempered.

Broke Grad Student is a recently graduated grad student who had $22,000 in student loans. BGS blogs about the adventures of balancing the repayment of student loans with other financial ambitions. I enjoyed the small amount of the blog that I read and would recommend it.

Here were a few of my favorite blogs from the Carnival of Personal Finance:

  • Alpha Consumer blogs about how much bloggers make in varying stages of development.
  • Fire Finance details the YAWN philosophy to becoming a millionaire.
  • Realm of Prosperity explains how to set up an automatic savings account at HSBC.
  • Money Smart Life breaks down the pros and cons of students with credit cards and some smart options.

Now that my first carnival is out of the way, the next milestone is submitting an article that is selected for editor’s choice.


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