Free Money with PayPal and Blockbuster

I love free money and I love watching DVDs. This Blockbuster and PayPal combo deal is perfect for me. Basically, you sign up for a free two week trial in Blockbuster’s Total Access program and remain a subscriber for one monthly billing cycle, and you get $25 cash back if you sign up to pay with PayPal.


You must be a new Blockbuster online subscriber. I’m not sure how they define a new customer. If you are a current customer, but want to take advantage of this deal you might have to open a new account with both Blockbuster and PayPal. Also, you might have to use a seperate credit card or seperate mailing and e-mail address to qualify for this offer.

You’re required to have internet access, a valid e-mail address and a valid method of payment. I’m assuming that you have at least two of these requirements covered if you’re reading this blog. This e-mail address must be confirmed by PayPal in order to receive the cash back offer from PayPal.

You must have a current United States PayPal account. This PayPal account must be in good standing. It can’t be restricted, locked or closed.

Offer Description

You sign up for a free two-week trial to Blockbuster Online at this link. You must choose PayPal as the payment method. You agree to a two-week trial followed by one month of the standard billing cycle, however, you will not be billed until the two-week trial is complete.

To receive the $25 cash back, you must remain with Blockbuster Online while using PayPal as your payment method for one monthly billing cycle. The first day after the two week trial is considered the beginning of your one monthly billing cycle. If you cancel your subscription prior to the end of the first billing cycle you will not receive your $25. Any Blockbuster Online plan qualifies for this deal as long as you remain a subscriber for one monthly billing cycle.


PayPal and Blockbuster are offering this deal with the hope that people will subscribe for the free trial and the $25 cash back and will not cancel the subscription after the requirements are met. PFblog readers know that one of the best ways to reduce spending and save more is to eliminate subscriptions. If you are not interested in the Blockbuster Total Access service then sign up for the offer, enjoy your free trial, endure your one month paid cycle, cancel your subscription and enjoy your $25 cash back.


I signed up for the smallest monthly payment plan. I signed up for the $3.99 monthly payment plan that includes 1 DVD at a time with a limit of 2 per month. I plan on canceling my plan after the first billing cycle is over. In total, I will receive probably 4 DVDs, pay $3.99 (plus tax) and receive $25 cash back (6-8 weeks after my first billing cycle ends) for my “troubles”. In the end I will end up with roughly $21 in my paypal account and four DVD rentals without having to waste any gas in renting them. Hurry up if you want to take advantage of this free money as it ends on August 31st.


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    Free Money with PayPal and Blockbuster | Personal Finance Start-Up Blog

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