End of August Financial Status

I hope everybody had a great Labor Day weekend. I always enjoy a good three day weekend. Despite not having any plans for this weekend as late as Thursday prior to the weekend, other than my standard softball game Friday night, I managed to fill up my weekend with movies, boating trips and a birthday party. I had a great weekend and it let me re-charge my brain, although I would have liked to do more reading this weekend. Labor day marked the beginning of September, which means it’s time for my end of August financial report.

CD and MMA

The biggest change in my financial status was the closing of my 3-month CD with Countrywide. My CD matured on August 8th. Since I am using this money for my condo down payment on October 3rd, I decided to put the money in my MMA where I can easily write checks from and still obtain a respectable 2.7% return. The increase in my MMA is almost solely from the CD transfer.

Schwab, Roth IRA, Mutual Fund

All three of my accounts holding equities/funds increased as the market rebounded slightly in August. My Schwab, which containes only Target stock, increased 14.5% as Target made a strong push towards the end of the month. I can only hope that it breaks through the $55 plateau that it oscillated around at the beginning of the year. My IRA and mutual fund accounts only made minimal gains, although I’ll take minimal gains over any kind of loss.

Car Value

I decided that I didn’t want to re-value my car every month. Instead I will do it every quarter or half-year or so. I just don’t know how realistic it is to re-value it every month and I’m kind of lazy.

Net Worth

I was able to increase my net worth by $4,434.54 this month, which is about $1,800 more than last month. Most of this is due to the lack of a rent payment. I’m also not paying for groceries or utilities. Also, my gas usage is down as my commute to work is shorter. My net worth should be slightly higher as I have yet to receive my self-employed payment for the month of August, which will contain part of my July payment as well. As of this post I have enough cash on hand to cover my down payment, closing costs and 3-month assessment slush fund, which is pretty exciting.


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