Walk-Thru Of My New Construction Condo

I had the walk-thru for my new construction condo this morning at 8 a.m. I then went to work for a full work day and followed that up with three hours of tutoring. I’m completely exhausted, but I will give a quick rundown of a walk-thru before I forget.

From the Ground Up

A representative from the builder, which just so happened to be the man in charge of the actual construction of the building because the builder was forced to lay people off, met my Mom and I at the entrance to the building. He explained the buzzer and directory, the mail system, the parking storage areas and the trash and recycling room (yes, we have recycling). We then took the elevator upstairs to my floor/hall where the builder explained the emergency fire protocol for the building. The hallway by the way still does not have carpeting yet to protect it from the construction process that is still going on in other units.

First Impression of my Condo

I started making selections for my condo back in February and today was the first time I was able to see any piece of my unit, let alone the final product. I am extremely happy with the finished product. The hard wood floors, kitchen appliances, granite counter tops and lighting are amazing. I could not be happier with the overall first impression, especially since the kitchen is the nicest part of the condo and is the first thing you see. I’m also very happy with the carpeting and bedroom and bathroom lighting selections. The granite counter top in the master bath is very impressive and goes very well with the cabinets. Overall, I don’t know if I would have done anything differently.

Back to the Walk-Thru

Upon entering the condo, the builder explained that the locks are changed immediately before closing and that I will be the only person with keys. It’s comforting to know that the construction workers will not have access to my unit while I’m at work. We ran all of the kitchen appliances, ran the faucets and showers, turned on the washer and dryer. All of the switches and fans were turned on and off. The builder explained how the air handler, thermostat and circuit breakers work. My Mom and I were given all of the time that we needed to check out the paint job, cabinets, walls and flooring to see if there was anything we were unhappy with.

Completing the Walk-Thru

After thoroughly examining my condo, the builder and I recorded anything that needed to be mended, touched up or fixed on a sheet that was signed and dated. In the end, there were only a few small paint touch ups necessary. The builder explained the warranty policy on every part of my condo. He went over the owner’s manual, which contained everything from the complaint form to schools in the area. I signed a form saying that I was taken on a walk-thru and we were finished.

In the end it took a little over one hour to finish the walk-thru. I was able to see the finished product for the first time, which is awesome. The only thing missing, other than my stuff, is a few lighting fixtures. The under cabinet lighting will be installed tomorrow. The light installed above the kitchen sink was the standard ugly florescent fixture, not the track lighting that I bought. Apparently, the track lighting is not in yet, and will be installed next week when it comes. This will not hold up my closing as I negotiated my lighting separate from the builder. Now all I have left to do is close, which is becoming more and more of an adventure with every day, but that’s a story for another day.

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  1. New Homes, Communities says:

    Did you hire your own private inspector?

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