Sick Day and Jury Duty

Today was one of those days where you feel great all day, and then all of a sudden you feel like a truck hit you. It pretty much means I’m incapable of thinking currently. I was hoping to get a post out about my credit score, which I checked for free through equifax. Look for this post in the near future, it’s rather interesting.

Also, I discovered around 5:00 p.m. today that I have to serve jury duty. As a stand-by juror I was supposed to call to see if I was needed. The recording stated that if the first letter of your last name fell between F and M you were needed. So, by one letter I will be taking the train early tomorrow morning to perform my civic duty.

For now I suppose I will hit the sack so I don’t feel so terrible tomorrow.

** Edit: Nothing like a big $17.20 for 6 hours of sitting in a waiting room. That translates to a $2.87 hourly wage. Why is the compensation not at least minimum wage? **


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