Comcast Promotion For New Accounts

About a month ago I began researching my cable and internet options for my condo. I looked at Comcast, Wide Open West (WOW), Verizon Fios, AT&T and DirectTV. Verizon Fios and WOW were not available in my area. That narrowed it down to either Comcast or an AT&T/DirectTv combo. My familiarity with the Comcast cable platform with respect to HD channels and DVR combined with a great promotional rebate made the choice very easy.

Comcast Rebate Promotion

I found the deal at this link. There are two options. You can sign up online via that website or you can call the number provided and talk to a representative to help you set up your deal. They have triple play packages that include rebates for digital cable, high-speed internet and digital voice. They also have the option to mix and match the single service offers. I was able to put together a deal for digital cable and high-speed internet for $66, which is a great deal for my area. The representative I talked to set up my deal, took my information, sent me a confirmation e-mail and forwarded me to another representative. This second representative finalized the transaction, helped me add upgrades like HD and DVR and scheduled my installation.


The rebates were offered through, and the form was fairly straight forward. I printed out the promotion redemption form and filled in my personal information. I had to mail the filled out form and a copy of my first bill to the promotional mailing address. It was as simple as that.

There were a few rules regarding the time line of ordering, activation and submission of the form. The service had to be ordered during the period of July 1, 2008 and October 31, 2008. The service had to be activated within 30 days of order date. Finally, the redemption form and supporting documents had to be postmarked no later than 60 days after service activation.


Overall it was a very straight forward process. I received a $75 rebate for both digital cable and high-speed internet. The $150 more than covers the $115 for installation. This rebate in itself coupled with the great 12-month introductory rate might be well worth looking into switching cable companies. Also, according to the website even larger rebates are possible with the varying triple play packages. They even advertise free after rebate modems and wireless routers. I have always been a fan of my Comcast service. I’m not looking forward to the increased rates after my 12-month introductory period. Hopefully I can call and threaten to cancel or switch to another company and extend my introductory rates.

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