My First CVS Trip

Putting together my new coffee table and end tables took way longer than I expected, so here’s a quick post regarding my first CVS trip with ECBs.


I recently posted about the CVS ECB deal. As a quick reminder, CVS offers weekly and monthly sales where certain items offer Extra Care Bucks when you buy them. These ECBs can be used as cash on your next visit. For my first month I will be following along with The Thrifty Mama as she writes a series of posts describing how to get started using the ECBs.

I decided that my first trip should be exactly as recommended by The Thrifty Mama. I printed out two coupons for Nature’s Bounty products at this LINK. In order to print out two coupons you will be prompted to download the coupon printer program, which allows the printer to print barcodes for scanning purposes. Also, you will have to hit back in your browser to print the coupon a second time. The coupon is good for $2.00 off any Nature’s Bounty product. CVS is offering a Buy One Get One free (BOGO) deal on Nature’s Bounty vitamins with 2 ECBs when you purchase two.

I bought two bottles of Vitamin D that were $4.79 each. After the two coupons and the BOGO deal, the remaining total was $0.79. After factoring in 2.25% sales tax (which is remarkably low), I had to pay $0.90 out of pocket. In return I received 2 ECBs, which are equivalent to cash at CVS. The ECBs print out on your receipt with a barcode and an expiration date (always one month after your purchase). In total, the two bottles of Vitamins should have cost $9.80. With the BOGO and two coupons, I paid $0.90. Additionally, I received 2 ECBs, which means I made $1.10 and brought home two bottles of Vitamins.

Thanks to The Thrifty Mama for putting together this start-up series about CVS. I am looking forward to having more time to try and tailor my CVS trips to my own liking and start adding to my stash of ECBs.

Total out of pocket: $0.90

Total ECBs earned: $2.00

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One Response to My First CVS Trip

  1. Way to go!!! I’m so glad you’re following along with me. I’ll be putting up our scenario for next week in the morning.

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