Returning From Break And My Trip To CVS

I decided to take most of the past two weeks off of work, which translated into losing all sense of a schedule and slacking hardcore on this blog. As I return to my standard 5-day work week tomorrow I will be getting back to my standard blogging schedule as well. I hope that everybody had a wonderful and relaxing holidays. During the break I stopped by my CVS as my ECBs were about to expire.

I had 8.99 in ECBs from my last trip to CVS. I had been struggling to find enough deals to take full advantage of my one large ECB. On December 20-21 CVS had a bunch of free after ECB deals. I made the mistake of not jumping on this deal the first day it was offered. Apparently there are many other CVSers in my area. I was able to find some ZipFizz for $5.99 with 5.99 in ECBs and protein bars that were 3/$5.00 with 5.00 in ECBs.

In the end I spent $2.04 out of pocket and received 10.99 in ECBs. Overall, I was pretty happy with this trip to CVS as I was able to buy stuff that I have a use for and used my ECBs before they expired. If you forget to use your ECBs before they expire you don’t end up saving any money.

Total out of pocket: $7.45

Total ECBs: $10.99

Total value of items purchased: $36.85

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