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Both CVS and Walgreens have various rebate and money saving programs. I have done most of my drug store deal shopping at CVS as I have found better deals. A few deals at Walgreens caught my eye this week, so I decided to a stab with my first serious attempt at having Walgreens pay me to take a few items off of their hands.

Walgreens is having a sale on Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner or styling products. I purchased a 13 oz. bottle of shampoo + conditioner, which was on sale for $2.99 from an original price of $3.99. The Walgreens EasySaver Catalog has a coupon for $2.00 off making the price $0.99. Finally, I used a $1.00 off manufacturers coupon from the inserts in the 01/04 Sunday paper. With the sale and two coupons, Walgreens gave me $0.01 to take a bottle of shampoo off their hands.

The second item I “purchased” was 25 tablets of Electrasol dishwasher detergent. This item is originally priced at $6.99, but was on sale for $3.49. I used a manufacturers coupon for $2.50 from the 01/04 Sunday paper, which brought the price down to $0.99. $0.99 was what I had to pay out of pocket. Another great part about this deal is that the box was supposed to have 20 tablets, but contained 25% more with 25 tablets!

There was an additional rebate deal through the EasySaver Catalog for $1.50 on the Electrasol tablets. If I choose to accept my rebate in the form of a Walgreens gift card they will tack an extra 10% onto the rebate value, for a total rebate of $1.65. In the near future, I will do a post on how to submit rebates online.

After tax I paid a total of $1.35 for a bottle of shampoo and 25 tablets of dishwasher detergent with the potential to get a gift card of $1.65. Ideally I will build up enough money on a Walgreens gift card to not spend anymore money out of pocket. I have to get more organized if I really want to take advantage of these CVS and Walgreens deals as the really good deals run out very quickly. I hope you keep following me on my journey towards extreme frugality at CVS and Walgreens.

Total out of pocket: $1.35

Total in rebates: $1.65 (I forgot to submit the rebate on my rolls of tape)

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